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Not all sports are created equal, it’s true. Some have all the luck. Hockey, Football, Basketball, even to a degree, baseball and Soccer all have pretty good reputations. Curling is not so lucky. Neither is Badminton. Here are a few … Continue reading


This week I was able to pick the brain of Self-Employed personal Trainer Celinda Beaudry (pictured.) I know from (personal, sweaty) experience that she provides and awesome workout, so I asked her about motivation, diet and wardrobe so you can all benefit from the wisdom of her experience! Continue reading


We all know that workout fads come and go the same way that diets do, but sometimes one comes around that seems to have real staying power. I think that NIA is one of them. Continue reading


Welcome and thanks for reading! Here we’re going to be talking about all the new and exciting changes that are happening at MFE Sport and give you the heads up about deals and promotions.