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Ways in which fitting a kid out for sports can be expensive. Continue reading


The hunt for the perfect workout outfit Continue reading


This week I was able to pick the brain of Self-Employed personal Trainer Celinda Beaudry (pictured.) I know from (personal, sweaty) experience that she provides and awesome workout, so I asked her about motivation, diet and wardrobe so you can all benefit from the wisdom of her experience! Continue reading


The rumors are true. Terrible and bizarre things can happen to you when you work out and exercise, some good and some bad. Don’t worry though, although all of the below side effects are possible – you can easily avoid them (the bad ones anyway) by wearing the right sports clothing and taking appropriate safety precautions. Continue reading


Sometimes it doesn’t matter how careful you are, and you’ll find yourself with a sports-related injury. It can be as simple as a bruise, or as complex as a repetitive stress injury. If you find yourself injured, it’s important to take corrective action immediately, because waiting it out or trying to walk it off can often make a small problem much, much worse. Continue reading


“If you can’t be an athlete, be an athletic supporter!” Now, if you’ve seen Grease, maybe you were able to appreciate the hilarity of this line – I know back in my tender years it was a little over my head, but re-watching the film recently I heard that and promptly fell off my couch desperately trying to hold my sides together. Is there another piece of athletic equipment as useful and yet so titillating as the athletic supporter? Continue reading