Monthly Archives: October 2011


We all know that workout fads come and go the same way that diets do, but sometimes one comes around that seems to have real staying power. I think that NIA is one of them. Continue reading


The year may be coming to an end, but, just like students are starting a whole new year, this is a great time to start new activities that can become a regular part of your cold-weather life! Continue reading


It is a sad but true fact, that buying a new T-shirt or pair of jogging pants is far, far easier then actually going out and getting your butt moving. No one ever said exercise would be easy, and often training for sports isn’t as fun as actually playing them.

No excuse is going to be good enough, however, when you’re out on the field and you can’t keep up with the rest of the team. You might not always be able to convince yourself that getting some training in NOW! Is a good idea – so we’re here to help you work around the five lamest reasons people give for not exercising. Continue reading


“If you can’t be an athlete, be an athletic supporter!” Now, if you’ve seen Grease, maybe you were able to appreciate the hilarity of this line – I know back in my tender years it was a little over my head, but re-watching the film recently I heard that and promptly fell off my couch desperately trying to hold my sides together. Is there another piece of athletic equipment as useful and yet so titillating as the athletic supporter? Continue reading