It’s that time of year – the leaves are changing color, the temperature is dipping (a little too quickly!) and parents across the country are digging out the jackets and gloves. Now that the kids are back at school, it can be a little more challenging to find activities to keep them (and yourself) active. The year may be coming to an end, but, just like students are starting a whole new year, this is a great time to start new activities that can become a regular part of your cold-weather life!


Fall is a great time to sign up for classes and activities for the weekend and after-school. Many schools offer extra-curricular activities for students, but plenty of other organizations have programs that get the whole family involved. Check your local libraries and community centers for notices about family-centered activities like dance classes, swim lessons, and organized sports. Family soccer can be a blast and a great way to meet new people!


The air may be colder, but that just mans it’s fall harvest time, and a wonderful way to spend a weekend afternoon is to drive out of the city to your nearest Apple Orchard or Pumpkin field! Many farms have a whole host of activities like hay or cornfield labyrinths, haunted houses, and of course – Apple and Pumpkin picking! This is also a great time of year for hikes and nature walks. You can point out the animals gearing up for winter and building secure houses, and while foliage may not be the best selling point for kids – it really is beautiful!

30 Days to a Habit

Being active in the winter is much more difficult than being active in the fall, so get started on a regular program of healthy activities for your family now. It only takes 30 days to turn something into a habit, so make a point of exercising every day – even if it’s only running in place while watching after-school television.

Make sure to Say Warm!

This is the best time of year to layer your clothes. Keep emergency sweaters and hoodies in the car for when you inevitably get a bit chilly. Long johns, undershirts, hats and scarves are absolutely critical for enjoying your time outside safely and comfortably.

After all of your fun, healthy exercise and activities, may I recommend settling in for a delicious fall treat? This great list of healthy fall treats from Fit Bottomed Girls should give you some inspiration!

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