This week I was able to pick the brain of Self-Employed personal Trainer Celinda Beaudry (pictured.) I know from (personal, sweaty)  experience that she provides and awesome workout, so I asked her about motivation, diet and wardrobe so you can all benefit from the wisdom of her experience!

1) How did you get started as a personal/fitness trainer?

I got into the fitness industry at the age of 16 because I loved being active, motivating people, and living a healthy lifestyle. I wanted to expand my knowledge on how I could help others improve their physical performance and well being. My initial certification was with the YMCA’s Individual Conditioning course. After I completed the course with the YMCA, I have continually taken courses Can Fit Pro, Twist, Mad Dogg Athletics, and attend annual workshops to learn new things in order to keep up with this ever changing industry.

2) How do you recommend people motivate themselves to get fit?

The best way to motivate yourself to improve your fitness levels is to visualize an image of yourself in the future. Will you be overweight and unhealthy, or will you be feel fit, strong, and attracted to yourself? Most of us would like to visualize a positive image of ourselves. Therefore, turn your visualization into reality.

3) What’s your favorite exercise?

I love deadlifts and chin ups. Deadlifts are so functional and applicable to everyday life because we all need to pick up objects off the floor, and it is important to know how to pick things up correctly. Also, they’re awesome for your butt!

Chin ups are also one of my favorites because being able to pull yourself up several times is an accomplishing feeling, which makes you feel strong! I also enjoy it because I believe having a strong back is important because a lot of people don’t strengthen their back muscles as often as they should, which is a shame, because a strong back can help improve your posture.

4) What are a few good ways that people can fit exercise and fitness into their daily (often busy!) lives?

Anyone with a busy life can incorporate exercise. They just need to think outside the gym because going to and from the gym might take too much time.

Firstly, I would recommend hiring a trainer to come to their house in the morning before they go off to work. They would not have to worry about going anywhere, and with a qualified and creative trainer, you can have a killer, full body work out in under 20 minutes! Most people don’t let themselves wake up early enough, but if you have an appointment, you  won’t want to miss it… or else you’ll have to pay in sweat! Hehe!

If you’re exercising on your own you can always split your work outs in different segments throughout the day. In the morning, while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil, do a few jumping jacks.  At lunch break, before you eat your meal, get down on the floor and do some push ups, or the plank. In the office, try holding your body  in a squat stance position (like you’re sitting back into a chair) while you’re reading a report. Every little bit of exercise counts, and you won’t regret it.

5) What type of clothing to people need to work out safely and comfortably?

The best type of clothing to wear would be an outfit that is comfortable, breathable, flexible, and not too tight.

6) What about food? In your opinion, what kinds of food give you the most energy and health benefit?

Eating meat and fresh produce is a great way to energize your body throughout the day. Avoid eating too much sugar because the more sugar you have, the more dependant and drowsy you will feel without it.

7) Any other tips or tricks you can share with us?

Sleep. Many people don’t get enough sleep. A lack of sleep can be a cause of weight gain, depression, and bad eating habits. A good night’s sleep of at least 7-8 hours will have your body feeling recharged and you’ll be more motivated to live everyday to the fullest.

You can read more about Celinda’s workout and nutrition tips on her blog: My Trainer Celinda

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