Will these be the pants for me?

If you are anything at all like me than looks are not your very top priority while working out.

That being said, at least a minimum of effort needs to be put in to a workout outfit so as to fulfill all local decency laws and avoid scaring children. So begins the search for the perfect workout pants:

They must be stretchy, but not too clingy – spare me spandex, please.

They must be dark enough that sweat is not immediately and humiliatingly evident.

They must allow for movement at the waist without causing worry about terrifying lapses in coverage.

They must not have strings that can become tangled in equipment or caught in bus doors.

They must flatter the posterior as much as possible, without highlighting either its width or breadth.

They must not be of a material that crinkles, crunches or reflects more light than tinfoil.

They must be able to roll up above the sneaker or tuck into the sock as required.

They must be good value for money and not be hand crafted by small children in warm climates.

Lets not get started on work out shirts or shoes!

What do you require from workout gear? Anything not mentioned here?

I’d like to thank Ali over from Food, Fitness Fashion, for inspiring me to update my paint spattered sweatpants!

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