Not all sports are created equal, it’s true. Some have all the luck. Hockey, Football, Basketball, even to a degree, baseball and Soccer all have pretty good reputations.

Curling is not so lucky. Neither is Badminton.

Here are a few of the “loser” sports, and why they’re awesome anyway.


You’ve seen Men with Brooms, right? It’s a Canadian film about a reunited curling team trying to win a championship for the sake of their departed coach. It’s adorable, and really funny.

Otherwise, curling is, IMHO one of the best sports to watch on television, and the perfect amalgamation of housework and winter activities. Also -the vocabulary is awesome.


One word. Shuttlecock.

Did anyone else get a kick out of that when they were a kid, or was I the least mature ten year old ever? The day I found out that the little flying cone wasn’t just called a “birdie” was the day I really took up with the sport. Badminton was great because it was easy, we could play it almost anywhere, and injury was next to impossible.

Nordic Walking

Have you ever seen people walking rather stiffly along streets with ski poles? In the summer?

They were Nordic walking, a sport that by all accounts was designed as an elaborate hoax to get otherwise respectable people to look silly. In fact, it’s a great, full-body exercise, reasonable low-impact and affordable. It still looks kind of silly though.

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